Grignetta peak, Italy

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Two members of the Alpine Rescue Corps died and a third survived after an avalanche struck in the Alps on Friday afternoon, the Corps said.

The three men had been on an excursion on the 2,177-meter Grignetta peak in the northern Lombardy region, whose capital is Milan.

It took hours to dig the two bodies out of the snow once they were located, Sky TG24 private broadcaster reported. The survivor returned downhill on his own, according to news reports.

The avalanche risk for Lombardy Friday was 2 out of 5, meaning moderate risk, according to the local weather service.

Professionals are exposed

Many professionals skiers, mountain rescuers and guides have sadly died in avalanches over the years because they expose themselves to great risk often.

Avalanche danger rating

The avalanche danger rating is general.  Avalanche conditions can vary greatly and change during the day.