Fernie, Canada

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The body of a 36-year-old Calgary man has been recovered from the site of an avalanche east of Fernie, B.C. Police say the avalanche came down in the Lizard Mountain range on Monday afternoon.

The man was with a large group of back country skiers when he and another person split off to ski on their own. Police say both people were caught in the slide – one was able to get free to dig out the Calgary man, but he was already dead.

Both skiers were experienced and police say they were carrying appropriate equipment including transceivers and transmitters.

Group size

A group of 3-5 is usually a good number. If there are just two of you, one could be alone in the search and rescue and not be able to fetch help. Risks tend to increase in groups of more than five.

The first 15 minutes

The chance of survival after being buried by an avalanche is ca 80% in the first 15 minutes. After this the chance drop dramatically.