Serfaus, Austria

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A german skier was killed in an avalanche in Tirol on Wednesday. He was skiing off-piste with friends at Pezid in Serfaus. The victim did not carry an avalanche transceiver but could be found after ca 30 minutes. However, he could not be resuscitated and was declared dead on the scene. Another person was partly buried but was unscathed.

The avalanche danger danger was considerable, 3 out of 5. New snow in combination with strong winds resulted in wind loading.
Always carry a transceiver

Always carry an avalanche transceiver, or beacon as it also called, when you are off-piste. This enables others to find you and you to find others.

The first 15 minutes

The chance of survival after being buried by an avalanche is ca 80% in the first 15 minutes. After this the chance drop dramatically.