Mongoliax10 2017

Mount Otgontenger, Mongolia

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The death toll from an avalanche in Mongolia rose to 17 on Wednesday after rescuers found the bodies of seven missing climbers who had ignored a ban on climbing a mountain.

The Mongolian nationals went missing on Sunday after climbing the 4 021-metre Mount Otgontenger, the National Emergency Management Agency said.

The group was made up of four women and 13 men aged 30 to 50, and there were no survivors.

Ten bodies had been found earlier this week, while a separate team of 10 climbers had found their way down the mountain safely.

Otgontenger is a popular destination for climbing tourism, boasting the country’s most extensive granite wall.

Just four other climbers have died since the 1960s, but the environment ministry in 2015 banned climbing for safety reasons.

Climbers are exposed

Avalanche climbing accidents usually have several victims since climbers are close to each-other.

Risk increase in large groups

A group of 3-5 is usually a good number. If there are just two of you, one could be alone in the search and rescue and not be able to fetch help. Risks tend to increase in groups of more than five.