Canadax5 2017

Mount Harvey, Canada

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Five climbers from South Korea fell to their deaths from a snow ledge that gave way near Vancouver, police said on Sunday. Weather conditions in the area, north of Vancouver, have been harsh and unstable since Friday.

CBC News, citing one rescue team member, said the group may have fallen as much as 500 meters (1,640 feet) when the cornice, an overhanging mass of ice created by high winds, collapsed and caused an avalanche.

Cornices can break off unexpectedly

A cornice is a mass of windblown snow, often overhanging, and usually near a sharp terrain break such as a ridge. Cornices can break off unexpectedly and trigger avalanches.

Cornices can break close to base

Cornice fall avalanches are rare but they happen. Never walk up to the edge of a drop off without first checking it out from a safe place. Cornices can break close to the base.