Japanx5 2017

Nasu Onsen Resort, Japan

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Seven high school students and a teacher have died and more than 40 people have been injured after an avalanche hit ski slopes in Japan.

A total of 52 students and 11 teachers from seven high schools were taking part in a three-day mountaineering expedition near the Nasu Onsen resort, 93 miles (150km) north of Tokyo, when the incident occurred.

Seven students and one teacher were found with no vital signs, rescue officials said. Of the many others who were injured, two students were believed to be in a serious condition.

The avalanche followed heavy snowfall overnight. More than 1ft (30cm) of snow accumulated in the Nasu highlands between midnight and 9am, according to Japan Meteorological Agency data.

Wait 48 h after heavy snowfall

Ca 90% of avalanches happen within 24 h of heavy rain or snow fall. The general advise to wait at least 48 hours before heading out.

Recent slides is a sure sign

If you see recent slides, even smaller ones, chances are that the snow-pack is unstable. Make a note of terrain aspects and avoid.