Farrellones mountains, Chile

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Matilda Rapaport, the Swedish big mountain skiing star, has died after being caught in an avalanche in Chile.  One of the sport’s premier female freeriders, Rapaport was reportedly on a film shoot outside Farallones when the avalanche hit her on Thursday. According to friend and photographer Mattias Fredriksson, Rapaport had been under the snow for a lengthy time before rescuers could reach her. The accident left her in a coma over the weekend and she later passed away due to complications resulting from lack of oxygen.
Professional skiers are exposed

Many professionals skiers have sadly died in avalanches over the years because they expose themselves to great risk often.

In loving memory

In 2014, an avalanche on the Chile-Argentina border caught professional skiers JP Auclair, 37, of Canada and Andreas Fransson, 31, of Sweden, killing them both.